Shehan Strong is the direct result of Ryan surviving a near-death motorsports incident in early January 2020.  After the incident, the motorsports community rallied behind Ryan. With donations coming in from around the world, Ryan’s progress was documented by the #ShehanStrong hashtag.  Now Ryan is racing again and inspiring, engaging, and impact kids to “Push Your Limits”!

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We are working to inspire, engage, and impact youth to “Push Your Limits”!

Follow Your Dream

What’s is/was your dream and how are you pursuing it?  Whether you are the CEO of a company or a 7th grader at a middle school, we want to hear about your dream and how you have worked to make it  come true.

Who/What is your Inspiration

What or who was you inspiration? Was there a coach, teacher, family member, or other person who was important in guiding you?  We want to ignite that passion in the next generation so that they will pursue their dreams and passions.

Organize an Event

Ryan is always looking for schools, hospitals, nonprofit groups, etc. where he can share his message that pursuing your dream takes passion, hard work, and discipline and that starting the journey will bring support from the most unexpected places!

“Push Your Limits” Stories

We want to hear your stories about how you have pursued your passions and dreams!  Tell us who was important in that journey and what challenges you had to overcome.  We will use these in our social media, website, and we may even ask you to be interviewed by Ryan!

Scholarship Program

Ryan’s grandfather, William Shehan, started a scholarship program to help kids find their passion and pursue their dreams like Ryan has in racing and his sister Kaitlyn “Kat” has in theatre.  In 2023, the first recipients of the scholarships will receive from $100 – $1000.

Pathfinder Program

Ryan interviews leaders about how they found their passion and followed their dreams, who was instrumental in helping them, and what challenges they overcame.   These are published via his Social Media and websites, as well as used in his speaking events.

Get Inspired!

Lawrence Hackney – Pathfinder Interview

Lawrence Hackney – Pathfinder Interview

"I'm always looking forward or looking toward the horizon, over those obstacles. You remember them for the lessons, but you try not to stay in it or even let that fear drown you out from moving on."

I’ve known Ryan for over 10 years and admire his tenacity and drive for his craft.  He continues to refine and work on what he wants to do with both Shehan Strong – his non-profit –  and Ryan Shehan Racing and I’m proud to be a part of his life journey.

- Julie Piepho